New transportation tax proposed by Massachusetts lawmakers

Between 70% & 80% of residents supported this idea

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Massachusetts lawmakers want to know if you’d okay paying more taxes to repair roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure.

The proposed bill would allow cities and towns to establish their own payroll, sales, property or vehicle taxes to fund transportation projects.Under the proposal, these local taxes would expire after 30 years. Voters in the city or town would need to approve them.

Eric Sawyer of Amherst said, “In the spring, there are always potholes and those need work; I think our community would pitch in to make that happen.”

Greg Nicastro of Sudbury said, “There are definitely major issues with infrastructure. The question is, is it best to increase taxes in a particular state or city, or is it best to do it on a national basis?”

The bill would also establish a maximum amount that new taxes could be raised and mandate that the revenue from them be only spent on transportation.

According to polls, between 70% and 80% of Massachusetts residents supported this idea.