Holyoke keeps Easter parade tradition alive

It is tradition to stop into Nick's Nest for a hot dog or some ice cream

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – We have to go back into the history books to re-trace the age of the Easter Parades, but each year the city of Holyoke keeps the tradition alive.

Considering Sunday’s heat, informality was the order of the day for the families who had paraded down Northampton Street.

It’s traditional to stop into Nick’s Nest for a hot dog or some ice cream.

Patrick Leary of Wilbraham will never forget his Holyoke roots, “Both my wife and I were born in Holyoke, so we love coming back to see the family. We’re meeting some family members here. Stopping in and getting ice cream on a beautiful day. So it’s a great tradition to hang out in the city.”

The Easter Drag dress codes may have been relaxed, but the intent of sharing part of Easter Sunday with neighbor’s remains as traditional as ever.

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