The 2017 Quabbin Reservoir Fishing Season has started

Shore fishing is open 7 days a week for the season

PHELHAM, Mass. (WWLP) – The 2017 Quabbin Fishing Season started Saturday and fishermen were out on the water early beginning at 6:00am. Before you hit the Quabbin you see a sign that says “Fishing Area 1, Gate 8” which is one of three gates to launch your boat off of. From there, you travel down a long dirt road to eventually end at a beautiful body of water.

Even though the parking lot was filled with cars, there was no one on dry land. Everyone was out on the water taking advantage of the beautiful day and fishing.

22News caught up with one fishermen who said it was his first time, but it could not have been more perfect weather-wise. Ryan Hood, from Athol, told 22News, “Its my first opening day that I’ve ever been here, but I do come out on the Quabbin a bit.” 22News also asked Hood how he felt about the weather on opening day, which was sunny and mild. He said, “It’s awesome you couldn’t ask for a better day than this.”

Shore fishing is open seven days a week for the season. You must be 16 years or older to rent a boat and you be must be over 15 years old to have a valid MA fishing/sporting license or a Quabbin Fishing License.

You can find more information of the 2017 Quabbin Fishing Season here.