Nude photo shoot at shopping center leads to two arrests

Many people saw the naked photo shoot

(CNN) – A man in Pennsylvania is accused of paying a woman to let him take nude pictures of her. He set up the photo shoot at a busy shopping center in broad daylight. Nothing, but black stockings and high heels.

A witness gave pictures of a naked woman, at Monroeville’s Miracle Shopping Center. Police say there was a photo shoot in the middle of the day around 11:00 am, last Saturday.

Police, had to break it up and arrest the photographer, 64 year old Michael Warnock, along with the model, 21 year old Chelsea Guerra.

Many people saw the naked photo shoot including, multiple small children. In fact it was right in front, of a store for children.

Police say Guerra told them she is a nude model and responded to a craigslist advertisement by Mr. Warnock seeking a nude model to photograph.

In Warnock’s car, officers found a check, by Michael K. Warnock, made out to cash for “model fee” in the amount of $300.

Investigators say witnesses, at the Miracle Mile were shocked and disgusted. When asked about the location for the nude photo shoot, Mr. Warnock slammed his door in the reporters face.

Warnock has been charged with criminal solicitation, criminal conspiracy, disorderly conduct and possession of controlled substances, for pills found in his pocket.

As for Guerra, she was charged with indecent exposure. Her lawyer declined to comment Friday.