Teen gets college acceptance by mistake

He knows he'll find a university happy to have him

(CNN) – A college mix-up has left a New York teen disappointed and dumbfounded.

17-year-old Andrei Aziz is playing fetch with his dog as a form of stress relief. He thought all his college plans were set – then came heartbreak. His top choice college made a big error.

Aziz said, “I got in to a school and had my future set for 7 years and it was a great feeling and then it was all taken away from me.”

CUNY School of Medicine’s prestigious Sophie Davis program gave, then took away.

In late March he got his acceptance letter, where the dean starts off with “I am delighted to offer you admission.”

But then, more than a week later, the follow up that the original letter was… “sent in error. We sincerely apologize.”

His mother, Suzana Jevtovic Aziz said, “I was in complete shock.”

Andrei’s mother was told there was a barcode mix up, and her son was switched with another applicant who has the same last name. She was told it could not be solved by allowing both students in.

The dean at Sophie Davis sent us this statement: “Admissions criteria for medical schools are strictly adhered to and cannot be modified.” “While we regret deeply the confusion and disappointment this error caused, we are also bound to uphold the standards.”

Aziz says the toughest thing about all this is he felt his path to college was clear and now it feels fuzzy. “It’s stressful I’m between Stony Brook, Fordham and Northeastern at the moment.”

It’s a setback for a student who excels in school and sports, is a champion debater, and a musician who’s played Carnegie Hall. He says he knew he wanted to be a doctor since he was about ten year old.

Andrei said, “I feel the occupation integrated my knack for science and my need to help people.”

He knows he’ll find a university happy to have him. But when he gets the okay, don’t blame him if he waits before telling people about it.

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