New documents detail police response in Pulse nightclub shooting

Officers and deputies pulled victims out as others provided cover

(CNN) – A new document released by the Orlando Police Department sheds more light on the events of the morning of June 12, and the response by law enforcement officers to the attack on Pulse nightclub that left 49 people dead.

The details are chilling, starting at 2:02 am on June 12, when the suspect enters Pulse with a military-style rifle, then goes to the main dance floor and fires rapidly. Nearly half of those killed died right there while other victims fled in other directions. We went through each page of the presentation including a body cam image that pinpoints the location of specific officers inside the club.

2:15 am – Officers and deputies start pulling victims out as others provide cover. So many victims, on the ground one officer is heard saying, “if you’re alive raise your hand.”

2:35 am – Within the first 30 minutes of the first shot fired, 28 victims were pulled to safety, and minute by minute until 5:15 am, the suspect, Omar Mateen, fired numerous rounds at SWAT members before they returned fire, killing the shooter. We see the officer who was hit in the head with gunfire and the helmet that saved his life.

Continuing Coverage: Orlando Massacre

I spoke with Orlando Police Chief John Mina about how the Pulse terror attack has forever changed Orlando. He said, “It’s something that is part of our community now, something that we’ll never forget.”

In addition to the images inside Pulse nightclub showing the aftermath of the shooting, and the 49 victims who lost their lives the presentation talks about the takeaways, the lessons learned from that night.

Chief Mina said, “I’m certainly proud of the way law enforcement responded to that and we also wanted to let people know that we do remember the victims.”

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