Legislative meeting to highlight manufacturing & innovation opportunities

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Connecting start up businesses with manufacturers, that was the goal of a legislative meeting in Springfield on Friday. Held in Technology Park at Springfield College, Friday’s presentation was all about collaboration.

Hosted by State Representative Carlos Gonzalez, the event brought lawmakers together to make them aware of opportunities to connect western Massachusetts manufacturing capabilities to innovation opportunities in the eastern part of the state.

Lawmakers hope that being aware of opportunities to work together, will lead to western Massachusetts competing in the bidding process for projects out east surrounding green energy, but also a whole lot more.

“It’s not green energy specific. It can actually be any start up. We need to focus on appealing to the masses. With companies like Valley Venture. We are working with them and all of their hardware startups to promote manufacturing. That’s the key to all of this,” said Adam Rodrigues, a manufacturing fellow of Greentown Labs.

Springfield based Greentown manufacturing currently makes things for 55 start up companies. They hope to continue to hold these types of events to spread the word about manufacturing opportunities.