Easter Egg Hunt & Workout!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Get fit and celebrate Easter at the same time!  Tyler & Adriana Pratt from EnFuse Fitness in Enfield, CT shared tips for an Egg-Tastic workout!

Egg-tastic! Easter Egg Hunt & Workout!


  • Select (12) twelve plastic eggs.
  • Fill (3) three of them with candy.
  • Fill (9) of them with a predetermined exercise (running in place, high-knees, squats, bear crawls, monkeys, froggers, etc.)

Selecting the candy and exercises with your child can help make this a more interactive experience.

Mix-up the eggs and then hide them!
Start your hunt.
The goal is to reach all (3) candy eggs, but each time you select an egg with an exercise listed in it, you have to perform that exercise before continuing your hunt!
You can either stop after you have found all (3) candy eggs, or you can collect all (12) in order to receive a final Easter Egg surprise! (To really challenge children and parents, you can time this and make it a true circuit workout!)

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