Caught on Camera: Gas station clerk fights robber

The robber could face felony robbery charges

(CNN) – Police are looking for two suspects in a gas station robbery in Madera, California. The suspects took cash from clerks Monday night, but not without a fight.

Five seconds is all it took on a Monday night in Madera for a gas station robbery to go from bad to worse. Police said an aggressive robber wanted fast cash, but this clerk wouldn’t give up the till without a fight.

Detective John Rosel, said, “The store clerk refuses and tells him he can’t open the register,”

Madera police said two people went into the Chevron Foodmart around 10:00 p.m. It sits along Madera Avenue not far from the 99.

The woman, police said, is off camera during the fight but is there when another clerk tries to step in.

Rosel said, “The female reaches out and tries to hold the second clerk back.”

Eventually, the man did grab cash, and investigators said the woman helped him run out of the store. The clerk in the video said he was not hurt, but police said instead of putting yourself in harm’s way it is better to just be a good witness.

Rosel added, “If you can remember even the slightest detail of a suspect and what they’re wearing tattoos, scars, anything,”

The man could face a felony robbery charge because of the violent confrontation and the woman is also wanted.