Manhunt widens for man behind terror manifesto

32-year-old Joseph Jakubowski is the subject of a nationwide manhunt

(CNN) – The Wisconsin man suspected of stealing guns and threatening attacks in an anti-government manifesto has now been on the run for a week. 32-year-old Joseph Jakubowski is the subject of a nationwide manhunt.

The nationwide manhunt for Joseph Jakubowski is a growing concern with each new day. Federal and local police assume Jakubowski is armed with a fully automatic machine gun. He’s now charged in the burglary of this Janesville gun store last week and a fully auto m-16 and 17 other firearms were stolen.

Jakubowski also had himself videotaped mailing a lengthy anti-religious, anti-government manifesto to President Donald Trump.

Chief David Moore, of the Janesville Police said, “The mailing of that document to the White House just before the burglary. And then the scope of this burglary and then the types of weapons that he has taken. That is what has taken this to a national concern.”

Investigators said in his manifesto, Jakubowski didn’t make a specific threat against the President, or any individual, or against a specific location and because he hasn’t been seen, the search is changing.

Sheriff Spoden, of the Rock County Sheriff’s Office said, “He had made statements prior to this that he was going to leave town. And you know it’s quite possible he’s just taken himself off the grid.” “We are now beginning to do searches in rural areas where we think somebody could easily hide or camp out.”

Chief Moore said, “What he sees is this methodology, which started with religion, which then went to government. And it’s by those two beliefs and processes that we are able to control the masses.”

The FBI Tuesday increased the reward for information leading to his arrest to $20,000. Investigators have now received 650 leads in the case.