Governor Baker shaves head for cancer research

This is the third year in a row that Baker let go of his hair for cancer research

(CNN) – Governor Charlie Baker, along with about 1,000 other people in Quincy, shaved their heads to defeat cancer. Buzzing their hair for to raise money for Dana Farber, to find cure for pancreatic cancer.

One person said, “I just thought what better way to give back than having your head shaved?”

On Thursday, Governor Baker and Boston Red Sox President Sam Kennedy joined Rob Hale, the CEO of Granite Telecommunications, at the fourth annual “Saving by Shaving” event in Quincy, voluntarily cutting off their hair to support cancer research.

Hale said, “The background was four years ago a mirthful comment at a meeting. One of our teammates had a ZZ Top beard, I said if you shave that off we will give $5,000 to Dana Farber. ”

Fast forward four years and the event has grown exponentially, raising a total of $15-million. This year, 1,000 Granite employees and their family members signed up to participate. The company is donating $5,000 for each person to Dana Farber.

One employee said, “When I was in boot camp back in 2012 I said I would never shave my head again. Never say never. But this was a uniquely good cause, if not better.”

Another employee added, “And I just two weeks ago lost a very close friend to cancer, I was planning to do this anyway, but I’m really doing it in her honor today.”

Everyone here has story, a personal connection that keeps them coming back.

Governor Baker said, “This is a renewable resource, we all get to come back and do it again next year and year after and year after and year after.”

This is the third year in a row that Baker let go of his hair for cancer research.