Wandering Greenfield goose now has new home

Pierce the goose was found last month; original owner did not claim her

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A goose that was loose in Greenfield now has an owner. Greenfield Town Council President Brickett Allis and his girlfriend, have adopted the goose and named her “Pierce.” Animal control gave the goose to them after its original owner failed to claim it.

After Allis found Pierce waddling down a sidewalk near Pierce and Chapman Streets, the bird went to the Greenfield police, who then took her to animal control in an effort to find her original owner. After seven days with its owner never coming forward, Allis was allowed to adopt the goose.

“She’s very content where she is at our place, and she loves to be held, pet; we can feed her with our hands; she doesn’t bite. She is just a great animal,” Allis said.

Greenfield police looking for owner of loose goose

Allis told 22News they spent about $400 dollars on a pen to house the goose.

The couple has had Pierce for two weeks now, and she has already laid an egg. Geese can lay about 25 eggs in a season, but because there are no males around, those eggs will not hatch.