Hundreds of tips pour in on manifesto manhunt

The FBI, ATF and Secret Service have sent reinforcements

(Credit: CNN)

(CNN) – Law enforcement continued to search the Janesville apartment of Joseph Jakubowski, who has been on the run now for six days.

Police say he mailed a handwritten 161-page manifesto to President Donald Trump last week, robbed the “Armageddon” gun shop in Janesville, torched his car, and disappeared.

Janesville Police Chief David Moore said, “We don’t know if he’s in Janesville, if he’s in Rock County, he could be in Washington D.C., we simply don’t know.”

Local authorities say the FBI, ATF and Secret Service have sent reinforcements for what is now a national investigation. Alerts going across the country are yielding more than 420 tips.

Sheriff Robert Spoden of the Rock County Sheriff’s Dept. said, “We are very grateful to have those tips, because as you know that’s probably how we’re going to find this individual, is somebody seeing something suspicious and reporting it to local law enforcement.”

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While police chase down tips, they continue to comb that manifesto and keep up patrols on potential targets.

Chief Moore explained, “As we read the manifesto there seems to be a swing toward religious organizations, and government and federal government, and less on the schools at this point.”

Jakubowski’s stepfather noted that he’s worried about law enforcement, saying the 32-year-old “hated police.”

He also raised concerns about the young man buying a helmet and bulletproof vest.

Police admit they don’t know what planned violent act there may be, beyond Jakubowski calling for “revolution.”

Chief Moore said, “I can tell you the fact that he speaks of causing a revolution to us suggests that it’s a larger and broader plan, than something local.”

Jakubowski’s stepfather said his stepson is “as dangerous as they say he is” and is urging him to do the right thing and give himself up.