Holyoke police warning about package sticker scheme

Sticker claims it's their "final attempt" to deliver to you

holyoke package scheme label
Image Courtesy: Holyoke Police Department

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Have you received a notice that you have missed a delivery, even though you weren’t expecting a package? If so, it could be part of a potential scheme that Holyoke police are currently investigating.

Holyoke Police Lt. Jim Albert told 22News that people have been going door-to-door leaving behind a “sticker” that appears to be a notice that you have been missed during multiple attempts to make a delivery. The sticker instructs you to call (844) 867-2503, where Albert says the call taker will ask for the code written on the sticker and your name because it is “the only way our computer tracks the package.” Most of the people who had notified police about the situation had hung up after that point.

Albert says that when officers called the same number and identified themselves as police, the call taker immediately hung up.

“We are attempting to determine if this scheme is in fact criminal- but it appears to be a fraudulent scheme designed to obtain your personal identifying information,” Albert wrote in an e-mail to 22News.

He said that they have reported the matter to the Federal Trade Commission, but added that this scheme has been reported since 2011, and there are other numbers known to be associated with it.

Albert says that residents should be careful about providing their personal information.