What’s causing this warm spring weather?

High pressure to the south, low pressure to the west bringing in warm air

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts is finally enjoying some spring-like weather! Sunday was gorgeous, and Monday and Tuesday are both on track to be much warmer than normal. But why is it so warm here in April? Summer is still quite a ways off, after all.

In the big weather picture, an area of high pressure is to our south, and low pressure is to our west. Air rotates out clockwise around a high, and counter-clockwise around a low. The positioning of the high and low both work together to bring air from the south and southwest into western Massachusetts. Air from that direction is a warm air, and that is why we are warm now.

On Tuesday, the high and low will be closer together, so the flow of warm air will be stronger, bringing-in potentially record-breaking highs.

This very warm air won’t last, as some cooler air starts working in from the west on Wednesday. Still, it will remain warmer than average throughout the week.

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