North Korea defies Trump, vows to accelerate nuke program

5 years ago, North Korea launched a satellite

(CNN) – Facing mounting global pressure to stop testing nuclear weapons, many fear North Korean leader Kim Jong-un might accelerate his weapons program and they’re waiting for his next move.

On Saturday, North Korea celebrates the day of the sun. Their most important holiday of the year, honoring the birth of the nation’s founding father Kim Il-sung.

5 years ago, North Korea tried to launch a satellite just 2 days before the day of the sun. The first attempt failed, followed by a successful launch later that year. Now, North Korea may be ready for another dramatic show of force.

After a series of missile launches, U.S. and South Korean intelligence believe North Korea is ready to conduct a nuclear test “at any time.”

In response to recent provocations, the U.S. is rerouting the carrier strike group, USS Carl Vinson to the Korean Peninsula. Just days after President Trump’s surprise missile strike on Syria.

Some view the strike as a warning to North Korea, the U.S. Is willing to respond with force if provoked. “The situation is so tense, we’re at the brink of war,” said a Pyongyang resident. “But if that happens, we’ll all go to the front lines to fight the Americans.”

President Trump may be trying to put pressure on North Korea to stop developing nuclear weapons. But here in Pyongyang, that pressure seems to be having the opposite effect.

One government official told CNN, “The aggressive acts of war on the part of the united states are getting increasingly reckless. In response, we will continue to strengthen our self-defense capability.”

North Korea is working to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile that can deliver a nuclear warhead to the mainland U.S.

Most analysts say they don’t have one yet, but it’s only a matter of time. “We think we’re very capable of defending ourselves,” this Pyongyang resident says. “Because we have the strong leadership of Marshall Kim Jong-un.”

The mood inside North Korea is not tense, but festive on their biggest holiday week of the year. Tens of thousands are visiting national landmarks like the birthplace of late President Kim Il-sung.

For the first time, CNN cameras are allowed inside the Museum of the Korean Revolution. More than 120 rooms chronicle all three generations of Kim family leadership.

This rare inside look at North Korean history shows the entire nation is built around three men.

CNN shown footage from 2011. When North Koreans learned of the unexpected death of the nation’s second leader, Kim Jong-il. The footage brings our guide to tears.

Now, their supreme leader Kim Jong-un, is leading her, and 25 million North Koreans. Like his grandfather, and father before him, he has absolute power over the lives of his people.