Energy efficient boilers to be installed at Union Station

New system could save thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The City of Springfield wants to make sure that Union Station is energy efficient, but that’s not the easiest task.

The building is almost a century old, as are its utilities. That’s why they’ve installed two energy efficient gas-fired boilers to heat the building. Columbia Gas executives gave the city a more than $18,000 check on Monday to pay for those boilers.

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno told 22News that they’ve already made similar changes in other parts of the city. “We’ve done this tremendously in a lot of our buildings across the city,” Sarno explained. “A lot of schools and municipal buildings, and that has saved us a lot in the bottom line in the city budget.”

“I think anything in this time and age that creates greater energy efficiency is a good thing for all of us,” Congressman Richard Neal said. “Whether one’s politics are left, right, or center, the truth is that reducing the carbon footprint is a good idea for all of us.”

Mayor Sarno said these systems will save hundreds of thousands of dollars heating and cooling Union Station. The revitalized transportation hub is still on schedule to open in June.