Simple tools save hiker trapped under boulder

Airbags help save Colorado hiker pinned under 1,500 pound boulder.

(KUSA) During this time of year, Colorado’s beauty is irresistible, and nature is unpredictable.

Wednesday afternoon, ten agencies helped save a woman after a boulder crushed her leg while hiking North Table Mountain. She made it out alive, but badly hurt.

“We go on rescues frequently, but not for people trapped under boulders usually,” John Priestly said, a firefighter with the Golden Fire Department.

Priestly says rescuers had only one way to reach her — on foot.

“One hundred percent of it had to be hiked in,” he said.

The boulder that tumbled on top of her weighed up to 1,500 pounds, so Priestly and the rescue team slid a high pressure airbag to underneath the rock. The simple tool pushed the massive boulder to the side.

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