More organ donors desperately needed

A quick and simple registration can save lives

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – April is Donate Life Month. During the past year, organ donors saved the lives of more than 1,000 New Englanders, and three Springfield-area recipients gathered in Holyoke Friday morning to highlight the importance of giving the gift of life.

The three joined Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse for the observance of Donate Life month. Scott Meyer of Holyoke received a kidney, keeping him alive.

“Probably the second best moment of my life after I had my children: knowing that when I came out of that hospital I was okay. Without the donation, my kids wouldn’t have a father,” Meyer said.

Glen Wiley of Chicopee can’t stop thinking about the person who restored his life by donating a liver.

“Thank you for saving my life, there’s nothing more that you can say! I wrote a thank you note to my donor’s family. It was the hardest letter I ever wrote, and even after I sent it, I felt I didn’t write enough,” Wiley said.

Seven years ago, Kateigh Sechi was a 22 year-old Mount Holyoke College student, when an organ donor provided her with a life-saving liver.

“It dawns on me most often with something small- being able to walk again, being able to pet my dog, being able to talk to my mom; the special things. I could have missed that,” Sechi said.

Currently, there is a waiting list of 118,500 Americans needing an organ donation.

The process of becoming one is as simple as checking-off a box when you renew your license.

Click here for some frequently asked questions about organ donation, from the MassRMV.