Dr. Phil – “‘My adoptive son’s bio mom is out to sabotage our family'”

Amy claims her adoptive son Nick is out of control

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (CBS) – Amy claims she fell in love with her adoptive son Nick the moment she became his adoption counselor when he was just 11 years old.

But since adopting him herself, she now claims he’s become out of control — from threatening to kill her family and being physically abusive,resulting in the police being called six times, to even being affiliated with gangs.

Amy says in a desperate attempt to help her adoptive son, she tracked down Nick’s biological mother, Lupita, who Nick hadn’t seen in 10 years since losing her rights to him, to see if maybe Lupita could help.

Amy claims that has backfired terribly and says Lupita is out to sabotage her relationship with Nick and turn him against her family.

Today, Amy and Lupita face off in an attempt to prove who is a better parent for Nick.

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