PTSD – not just for our veterans

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Trauma can leave people shaken for the rest of their lives, so how can we be good friends and loved one to others who are suffering?  Clinical psychologist Dr. Tim Hope shared tips.

Coping with PTSD

  • Teaching stress-management skills.
  • Using families’ previously effective coping skills to build a framework for present and future resilience.
  • Discussing how the traumatized person and family members want to address the event with people outside the family. This concept is particularly important in the case of emotionally loaded traumas such as rape.
  • Helping the family to understand that everyone is impacted by the event, even if that is not apparent at first.
  • Seeing family members in flexible configurations-individual, dyadic or group level-depending on need and treatment flow.
  • Understanding that men and women, as well as individuals, process trauma differently.