“The Last Word”

MacLaine stars as a dominating woman of the world who always manages to get in “The Last Word”

3 stars

Rated R

1 hour 40 minutes

Shirley MacLaine, Amanda Seyfried, Thomas Sadoski

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s hard to believe it’s been sixty years since Shirley MacLaine became a movie star, and she’s still going strong. MacLaine stars as a dominating woman of the world who always manages to get in “The Last Word”.

As MacLaine’s getting on in years, she’s concerned about leaving behind just the right legacy. So, she hires Newspaper reporter Amanda Seyfried to wrote her obituary, not when she dies, but right now.

The problem Seyfried encounters, she can’t find anyone to say anything good about the fiery over-achiever with the strong sense of self. But does MacLaine know something about herself she’s kept hidden from everyone else? Which takes the feel good story line to the next level.

Her character is just filled with surprises and so is this frequently amusing charmer of a movie making excellent use of Shirley MacLaine’s time honored mannerisms.

And she doesn’t mind playing the curmudgeon, especially when it suits her purpose. Actually from the look of “The Last Word”, Shirley MacLaine’s star continues to shine as brightly as ever.

She can shift from crusty to effervescent just like that putting us in just the right mood. “The Last Word” may not be the last word in Shirley MacLaine’s film collection, but it’s entertaining enough to measure up to a satisfying 3 stars. Especially if you’re an older moviegoer, by all means go, you’ll enjoy Shirley MacLaine having “The Last Word”.

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