A Look at the Movies

Rated R

1 hour 45 minutes

Woody Harrelson, Laura Dern, Judy Greer

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Woody Harrelson has finally landed the role of a lifetime, and does he ever make the most of it.

He’s “Wilson,” the good hearted eccentric, who doesn’t quite see things the way you and I do.

Harrelson was born to play “Wilson,” a quirky character who can’t help blurting out whatever’s on his mind, as he maneuvers through life’s disappointments. As “Wilson” sees it “When you were a kid, everyday seemed like it was in Technicolor… and then you grow up.”

But has “Wilson” really ever grown up? This biting black comedy gives Harrelson full reign to explore the more whimsical side of this rambunctious kook. He’ll restore the relationship with his long suffering ex-wife Laura Dern. It’s a world of discovery when he finds out she gave up their only child for adoption years ago.

Profound moments prevent “Wilson” from falling into the trap of life becoming an unpleasant experience, not only for those who try to maneuver through his occasional craziness. Afamily reunion translates into a ticking time bomb when “Wilson” proves he never learned the meaning of diplomacy.

Only Woody Harrelson can make the abrasive “Wilson” seem so human, and at times so actually lovable. “Wilson,” for all his flaws, can’t keep this sandpaper comedy from a soothing 3 stars.

Accept “Wilson” on his terms for a truly unconventional comedy treat.