Latest fitness trend involves aerial workouts

Safety has to be a top priority, especially when it comes to difficult routines

(CNN) – There’s a hot new fitness trend you may have seen. It’s called aerial fitness and it involves hanging from the ceiling like a trapeze artist. If that sounds far-fetched to you, aerial arts studios have a technique that will allow you to get the benefits without the risks.

A quick warm-up includes a few rounds of jumping jacks and high knees to get the blood flowing then we’re ready for the silks.

Lindsey Duggan, Owner of AIR Los Angeles said, “Aerial Fitness is actually a combination of a lot of fitness trends at the moment all blended into one class. We do some elements of hit, some elements of Ballet, Barre, and of course Aerial work as well to strengthen and lengthen your core.”

For some, the workout has other benefits. Christina Ward, an Instructor said, “Things like motor skills sounds very strange, hand eye coordination, and confidence. Dexterity in my hands it’s something as you get older you start to lose, and that had helped a lot with gripping the silk and continuing to work those muscles that we don’t get to exercise as regularly.”

Safety has to be a top priority, especially when it comes to difficult routines.

Duggan said, “I think Aerial Fitness definitely has a component of women and women empowerment, and strength. You don’t see that a lot in different studios I think it’s like a sisterhood that we have here.”