Senate to begin hearings on Trump-Russia connections

The leaders stressed bipartisan solidarity

(NBC News) The leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee delivered the first public update of their investigation into Russian election hacking Wednesday.

“This is one of the biggest investigations the Hill has seen in my tenure here,” said Intelligence Committee Chairman Senator Richard Burr.

Burr and Democrat Mark Warner say their staff has already reviewed thousands of classified documents.

“Some of techniques of Russian hacking would send a chill down anyone who believes in Democratic process,” Warner said.

Stressing bipartisan solidarity, Burr and Warner spoke in greater detail about where their investigation stands.

That stands in sharp contrast to the House Intelligence Committee, where Republican chair Devin Nunes is refusing calls from Democrats to step down from investigation and reveal the source of information that the president’s campaign team may have been picked up on incidental surveillance, information he received while on White House grounds.

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“I really think that the investigation has been stalled by his actions and it’s unacceptable,” says committee member Rep. Terri Sewell.

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