Moose caught in Ludlow last week has died

Moose was given low dosage of immobilizing drug

Image Courtesy: Massachusetts Environmental Police

LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The moose caught and relocated after roaming around Ludlow last Friday morning has died.

Katie Gronendyke, spokesperson for the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, told 22News the moose was given a low dosage of an immobilizing drug, which is consistent for an animal that size.

Loose moose captured in Ludlow

The moose was seen roaming the Cherry Street area of Ludlow, which abuts commercial properties on Center Street.

Photo courtesy Massachusetts Environmental Police

Gronendyke said MassWildlife and Massachusetts Environmental Police made the decision to relocate the moose due its proximity to the Mass. Pike and other high traffic areas.

“There is always inherent risk when immobilizing and relocating a large animal, as it is difficult to know the condition of the animal before administering the drug and how the drugs will affect the animal,” Gronendyke said.

She said the animal did not die due to an overdose of the drug.