Advertising lawn signs: what are the rules?

In Chicopee, most such signs are not posted legally

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – You told us about them, and we went looking for them: eyesore signs that pop up on traffic islands and utility poles.

Right outside of our 22News Broadcast Center, there are signs reading: “We Buy Houses.” 22News called the number, and received a voicemail with a woman’s voice asking to leave a name, number, and the property address.

Chicopee City Clerk Keith Rattell told 22News that he took a picture of a car that he spotted with two people stapling signs to utility poles near the CVS along Granby Road. They told Rattell that they were working for someone on Craigslist. The City removed the signs, but on Wednesday, 22News found them back up. One of them was hand-written, the other was soliciting cash for diabetic test strips.

“If you know that the sign is there illegally; if it’s on city property or state land or on a rotary, if you can safely pull over and get it yourself, I would encourage the public to do so,” Rattell said.

Chicopee says that the majority of these signs are illegal, and they have an ordinance that is enforced by the building commissioner.

If you are caught posting an illegal sign, you could be fined. Signs are not allowed, even on public land, without a permit or special permission from the property owner.