Trump voters weigh in on the health care bill failure

Rather than blame, the group prefers to frame the failure as a positive

(Credit: CNN)

(CNN) – In Washington, President Donald Trump’s health care loss is being called a disaster. But in a Trump stronghold north of Atlanta, the word used most often is disappointment.

Patti Pease of World Mission Partners said, “Well I’m disappointed they didn’t have a plan going forward, that it wasn’t something they have prepared for 7 years.”

Small business owner Jay Lin added, “Certainly it’s disappointing, but from what I know about the bill it didn’t get the support from the majority of Congress.”

But, there’s no gloom and doom here, no talk of abandoning ship.

When asked who is to blame, Brad Raffensberger of the Georgia State House said, “Plenty of people who could be pointing fingers at each other, but I don’t think that’s really productive.”

Rather than blame, the group prefers to frame the failure as a positive.

Lin said, “I’d like to view this as a lesson learned instead of a failure.”

Pease noted, “He’s learning, so no, I give him grace on this.”

Bob Gray is running for congress in this part of Georgia to replace Tom Price, who Trump appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services. When confronted with the fact that Trump sold himself as being a deal maker, Gray said, “Paul Ryan failed to bring together disparate groups.”

Others agree with him.

Ed Pease of World Mission Partners said, “I think Paul Ryan did a good thing pulling it vs. failing.”

There is one point which they all disagree with the president. The Affordable Care Act should not be allowed to explode, as Trump said Friday.

Financial Advisor Joe Singer said, “I think there is still an opportunity to get this right and they should stay focused on it.”

As for their faith in Donald Trump? When asked if their support for him as changed, all of them said no.