Amherst school question on the ballot Tuesday

Ballot question must meet two thresholds in order to pass

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The fate of a new Amherst school project is back in the hands of the town’s residents one last time Tuesday. It is a proposal to create a new school for $67 million by combining the Wildwood and Fort River Elementary Schools.

Town Meeting already rejected twice the state funding that would pay for half of this project, but enough signatures were collected for the proposal to be sent to a town-wide referendum. In order for this proposal to pass, at least 18% of all registered voters in Amherst need to cast a “Yes” vote Tuesday- that means that they need about 3,000 votes. Additionally, those “Yes” votes need to make up two-thirds of everyone who voted on the question.

Superintendent Michael Morris is hopeful voters will turn out Tuesday.

“It is hard for me to forecast, but I do think in terms of public interest and sentiment on both sides, there is a lot of people who feel very passionately,” Morris said.

If it does not pass, the project will be put on hold until 2019. Amherst residents will also elect members for their school committee, select board, and town meeting on Tuesday.

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