Owner buys beloved dog prosthetic paws

The prosthetics are a big deal

(CNN) – A rescued puppy born with no feet is getting a life-changing gift – a new pair of paws!

His name is Teddy, and his owner just had him fitted at North Carolina State University.

Owner Barbara Bradley said, “He was supposed to be a temporary foster for me, but I took one look at him when I first got him, and I decided he was not going to any other foster. I just fell in love with him.”

Bradley has fostered quite a few animals in the past, but she welcomed Teddy into his forever home when he was only 10 weeks old. Teddy, a rescued Boston terrier, had stubs for feet and no pads on his front paws.

Bradley said, “He doesn’t even know there’s anything different about him. He just walks along like a normal dog.”

While Teddy has plenty of energy, his front paws are starting to callous and cause him pain. Barbara decided to have two prosthetic front paws made for him, costing her $2,900. “They’re not cheap,”

The prosthetics are a big deal, because they help Teddy do everyday things, like enjoying a walk outside.

While Teddy’s new paws protect the bottom of his legs, Bradley hopes to protect many more animals in need. “Even if I have my fosters that come in and need extra treatment, if I can do it and the rescue can’t, I will do that. I don’t think an animal is just an animal. I think it’s got a life, it’s got a purpose and it deserves the best it can have.”

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