Woman stiffs pizza driver, receives creepy phone calls

The pizza company has not confirmed whether or not they are investigating

(CNN) – Police in Lexington, Kentucky, are investigating a woman’s claims that her pizza order led to harassment.

The woman told police the delivery driver called her multiple times after dropping off her pizza, and left her a creepy voicemail.

Around 10:30 Sunday night, Lucinda Wilson says she ordered a pizza to be delivered. “I signed the receipt and handed it back to him and I told him thank you.”

Several hours passed, but Wilson says around 1:30 in the morning, her phone started to ring – the calls coming from a private number. “I was answering the phone and you could hear him in the background breathing just huffing and puffing so I hung up.”

After several more calls came in, Wilson stopped answering the phone. “And then the last one he left a message on my voicemail.”

The voicemail said, “All you have to do is tip your pizza delivery driver two or three dollars, and he will be happy.”

Wilson filed a police report for harassment, and Lexington police tell us they are looking into it.

Wilson says she hopes by going public with this situation it won’t happen again, to her or to any other customers. “I’m quite angry because you know that’s a private policy, you can’t take my phone number and keep calling me. I’m doing business with the pizza company, and you would think they’d be more discreet about who gets your information.”

The pizza company has not confirmed whether or not they are investigating this incident.

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