Wallet stolen in Massachusetts returned 8 years later, money inside

The police officer used an old pay stub to track the women down

(CNN) – The last time a Massachusetts woman saw her missing wallet was back in the summer of 2009. 8 years later she said Boston Police returned it to her, and amazingly everything was still inside.

Courtney Connolly, who lost the wallet, said, “Yes, it’s literally like it fell out of my pocket yesterday.”

Connolly was absolutely stunned to get her stolen wallet back, but here’s the catch, it was stolen 8 years ago. “My pay stubs, the cash, it’s all curled up like it’s been here forever.”

$141 cash, her driver’s license, social security card and all her credit cards. “I never heard anything that anyone tried to open a credit card.”

Adding to the mystery, Courtney’s wallet was actually stolen in Well Fleet in 2009 while she was a summer intern there with the Harbour Actors Theater. “The wallet is a gift from my brother, because when I would work in theater, I would never have time to carry a purse.”

All but forgotten until two days ago, when someone gave the wallet to a Boston Police officer in west Roxbury. Through an old pay stub, the officer tracked Courtney down to her childhood home, where her brother now lives.

Now the nursing school, Courtney can, definitely use the cash. “I lost this in Well Fleet. I have no idea what wormhole or time loop it fell through to get to Boston. No idea how that happened.”