Steps to take if come across fake Facebook accounts

If you come across a fake Facebook page, contact the person

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Greenfield’s Mayor found out recently a fake Facebook account had been set up in his name.

These fake Facebook profiles are out there and if you see one make sure you let the person know about it. A Greenfield resident called police last week to report a fake Facebook account for Greenfield Mayor William Martin.

This later was found to be a hoax, after a search for Mayor Martin turned up two Facebook profiles with the same photo of him.

Greenfield Police have received many similar reports, relating to online identity theft. Lt. William Gordon of the Greenfield Police Department told 22News, “Fake Facebook pages are out there so when you get a friend request, you should really know the person before you accept it.”

Lt. Gordon told 22News if you receive a “friend request” from someone you’re already friends with, or if you encounter a fake Facebook profile, you should let that person know.

You should also report it to Facebook and you may want to adjust your privacy settings to withhold as much personal information online as possible.

Mayor Martin told 22News he has reported the fake account on Facebook, and it was deleted.