Republican Governor Baker opposed to GOP health care bill

Concerned that it could cost state about $1 billion

WARREN, Mass. (WWLP) – Republican Governor Charlie Baker says that he does not support the American Health Care Act, the bill being advanced by President Trump and GOP leaders in Congress. Baker said that he does not like it as written, because it would take away about $1 billion in federal funding for Massachusetts in 2020.

State health officials are also worried that the plan would put nearly 200,000 people who get coverage through the Massachusetts Health Connector at risk of losing coverage. Massachusetts was the leader in health care reform in 2006, when then-Governor Mitt Romney mandated that every person have health insurance.

“Because Massachusetts led the way, I think we have gone through some of the growing pains that the other states haven’t. So I would hope that the federal government would be understanding of the position that the states are in, and obviously it is going to have an impact on our bottom line, so we are going to be very interested in the details,” Rep. Todd Smola (R-Warren) said.

President Trump has vowed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act; the 2010 law signed by President Barack Obama.