Pet of the Week: Goblin the guinea pig

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – In this edition of Pet of the Week, we were introduced to Goblin, a 2-year-old guinea pig. Lee Chambers, Manager of Marketing & Communications for Dakin Humane Society, told us all about Goblin, and about other events going on at Dakin.

Pet Stats

Name: Goblin
Breed: Guinea pig
Age: 2 years old
Sex: Male
Color: Tan


Goblin is a really adorable guinea pig who is best friends with Ghost, his lookalike guinea pig pal and cage mate. They want to go home together. Despite his name, Goblin isn’t scary at all! He’s friendly and enjoys a little time outside his cage every day (in a guinea pig-safe room, of course) to scamper around with Ghost. Like most guinea pigs, Ghost and Goblin love leafy greens, blueberries, apples and hay, which is a huge part of their diet.

Guinea pig facts/tips:
Guinea pigs are known for their vocalizations. They often squeak with delight when their favorite humans enter the room
They rarely bite, but can nip if mishandled or fear a threatening animal
Once your pig is used to you (and being handled), you can let him play in a small room for daily exercise. Be sure to remove electrical wires and other hazards that he might chew on
Be sure to remove soiled bedding, droppings and stale food from the cage daily

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Other Events, Happenings:

Dog Training Classes Starting Up in April and May!
Visit to see the lineup of all upcoming classes!
Polite Leash Walking & Coming When Called – starting April 8 in Leverett
Basic Manners Dog Training – starting April 22 in Leverett
Puppy Kindergarten – starting April 25 in Springfield
Basic Manners for Adult Dog – starting April 25 & April 29 in Springfield
Intermediate Manners for Adult Dogs – starting April 29 in Springfield
Introduction to Scent Work – starting May 6 in Leverett

Dakin Fundraiser Coming Up!

Saturday, April 15 – Pet Photos with the Easter Bunny. Our friends at Paw Street Barkery in Chicopee will be offering pet photos with the Easter Bunny from 11am-4:30pm. The cost is $6 will all proceeds going to Dakin!

For more information visit