911 Call: Little girl believed overdosing parents were dead

The girl was kept company and kept calm by a kitten

(CNN/WLWT) – The 9-year-old girl was inside a jeep using the best words she knows to help police find her before it was too late.

911: “Are you in a tan colored jeep.”
Girl: “It’s like chocolate milk, it looks like chocolate milk.”

The dispatcher was not only tracing the location of the cell phone, and directing emergency crews, but just as important helping to keep the girl calm.

911: “I’m going to stay on the phone with you until they get there ok?”
Girl: “Ok, I’m scared.”
911: “I know you’re scared but you’ll be ok, it will be alright.”
911: “Is the car still running?”
Girl: “Yeah, I don’t know how to turn it off.”
911: “Is it parked? Did you….park before they passed out or not?”
Girl: “It was in drive but I put it in park.”

She had to put the car in park, police said, because her parents were passed out from a heroin overdose. The girl was kept company and kept calm by a kitten.

Girl: “I have my cat in here with me.”
911: “You have a cat?”
Girl “Yeah, I found it on the street and it was all alone and it liked me.”

The girl was able to look around the neighborhood, describing what she saw to help police narrow down the search.

Girl: “There’s houses and you know where there’s houses with a boat?”
911: “House with a boat?”
Girl: “There’s a boat. There’s a boat.”

Security video shows the moment emergency crews arrived. Just in time to revive the girl’s parents with narcan, and take her and her kitten to safety. Paula Smith and Charles Dove are both facing charges.