President Trump and his alleged fear of stairs

Trump once noted how unpresidential President Obama looked jogging down the stairs

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, FILE)

(CNN) – Whether it be not shaking the German chancellor’s hand, or clutching the hand of Britain’s prime minister, President Donald Trump’s hands seem to end up in headlines.

For instance, the BBC had a headline that read, “Donald Trump is scared of stairs.” One British paper tagged the phrase “Scarecase” back when President Trump took Prime Minister May’s hand as they navigated a ramp at the White House.

The Trump stairs jokes were ramped up.

Trump really watches his step coming down the stairs of the capitol. Even while climbing just a couple of steps at the White House. Coming off his plane, his eyes are on his feet, clutching the railing.

Trump once noted how President Obama used to jog down the stairs, tweeting, “Hopping and bobbing all the way is so inelegant and unpresidential. Do not fall!”

President Obama caught himself, while Gerald Ford and Hillary didn’t.

When asked if the president has fear of stairs, a White House spokesperson said, “No offense, but this is an absurd question.”

Britain’s prime minister has told Vogue, “I think he was actually being a gentleman. We were about to walk down a ramp, and he said it might be a bit awkward.”

The prime minister throws cold water on the bathmophobia theory. Guess that means we can cancel that ban on steps.