Greenfield police looking for owner of loose goose

Bird was initially thought to have been a duck

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A goose is no longer on the loose in Greenfield.

Greenfield Police found a goose waddling down a sidewalk near Pierce and Chapman Streets, Monday night. Police feared for its safety and took it off the street.

“Officer Pierce Duck” the goose (Photo courtesy: Greenfield Police)

“We were hoping to identify from the goose it’s owner, but it didn’t’ want to cooperate with the police department, so we brought it into custody, brought it to the police department for safe-keeping,” said Lt. William Gordon of the Greenfield Police Dept.

After further investigation, Greenfield Police determined that is actually an American Buff Goose and not a duck and capturing it wasn’t easy. It took a combined effort to bring this uncooperative goose into custody.

“The goose was actually pretty evasive. I tried to get out of the car, but it waddled across the street the other direction, I wasn’t going to chase down a goose,” said Sgt. James Rode of the Greenfield Police Department.

Greenfield Town Council President Brickett Allis called the police about the loose goose. He and a friend ended up capturing it outside a home on Pierce Street, across the street from Temple Israel.

“Once we corralled it, it was happy to be in your arms, be pet, you could touch it,” said Allis. “It’s a really sweet goose.”

Lt. Gordon told 22News if its owner doesn’t come forward, Allis will be able to adopt it. The goose is being held at a farm in Gill.

If you have any information about the goose or its owners, you are asked to call the Greenfield Police Department at 413-773-5411.