Dr. Phil – “A dangerous dilemma”

A violent incident between Trever and Joe resulted in hotel security being called

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (CBS) – Cindy admits she still loves her husband, Trever, despite their 16-year marriage being full of screaming, fights, calls to the police, bruises and a broken nose!

Trever says Cindy loves to play the “martyr,” and is badgering, controlling and pushing his buttons by constantly snooping through his things, which he claims has caused many of their altercations.

Cindy also claims she’s not the only victim of Trever’s “monster-like” behavior… so are their kids, including their oldest son, Joe, who she says has demonstrated violence after years of watching Trever.

Hear about a violent incident that happened between Trever and Joe a day before the show that resulted in hotel security being called!

Does Cindy and Trever’s marriage have any hope? What will Dr. Phil recommend for this family to heal?

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