Doorbell camera alerts man to fire

Monday's fire damaged 22 homes, forcing neighbors to evacuate

Photo Courtesy: CNN

(CNN) – A Kansas man says he was alerted about a fire at his home not by the fire department, but by his doorbell.

As calls went out for help, Matt Bell got an alert of his own. “I was sitting at work and got a notification there was action at my door, popped it on and I saw the fire and the flames coming up from the apartment behind me.”

His doorbell camera captured the frantic scene. The home in front of his – up in flames, as embers fell into his yard.

“I watched it the next few minutes and I saw flames hit my bushes and trees out front and light it on fire. I’m assuming my house could be going as well. The only thing I could tell was my camera was still broadcasting.”

Today, his home is still standing. There’s a hole in the roof and his deck is charred. Across the street? A much different story.

Bell said, “You can see through their whole first floor. And on the left side of them it is totally destroyed there.”

Monday’s fire damaged 22 homes – neighbors forced to evacuate.

Neighbor David Singer said, “Third one down, fourth one, fifth one caught on fire.”

And now, those streets remained closed, as fire investigators continued to survey the damage.

Singer said, “I expected to come back and our house be on fire.” And clean up what remains.

Bell said, “Very lucky. Very lucky. Every house, like I said, around my house was burned significantly except ours.”

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