Conway continuing to recover, looking forward to 250th celebration

Neighbors have been helping neighbors deal with damage

CONWAY, Mass. (WWLP) – It has been nearly a month since the rare winter tornado tore through a neighborhood in the Franklin County town of Conway.

John Maggs hopes that by next year, the barn that housed his antiques business will be rebuilt. He is grateful to his neighbors for helping him take the first step toward restoring his livelihood.

“Cooperation and help from our neighbors here in cleaning up this mess in our barn, is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. We feel very humbled by it,” Maggs said.

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Throughout Conway’s Pumpkin Hill neighborhood, where the February 25 tornado had touched down, there is strong evidence of recovery by the affected homeowners. The town is coming together during adversity, just months away from the celebration of Conway’s 250th anniversary in June.

Bill Burnett’s family has made Conway their home since 1781. Burnett told 22News that they will have much to be grateful for during the upcoming celebration.

“It sure will, we’ll be thankful for everything that transpired, how the town has come together, and we’ll just have a great celebration,” Burnett said.

Still, much remains to be done. The United Congregational Church is still closed, the damage done by the 110 mile per hour wind is still visible along Whately Road, but there is a recurring theme among the people of Conway, who feel so fortunate that none of their neighbors were hurt.