Another White House fence jumper arrested

A woman tried climbing over the fence in the White House's southwest corner

(CNN) – News of yet another White House fence jumper, the forth in less than two weeks. “You kinda wonder what’s creating the cause or the reaction.”

Tourists from all over the country are asking why? “It’s an attention grab. People just want to get out there and get in the media.”

Tuesday night before 11 o’clock, a woman tried climbing over the fence in the southwest corner of the White House grounds, but she didn’t get far. Her clothing got tangled on the spikes on the top of the fence and she was apprehended soon after.

“If somebody wants to get over it, I have the feeling they’re gonna get over it.”

Members of the O’Neill family visiting from Florida say they are troubled by this recent series of incidents. On Saturday a man jumped from a bike rack into a prohibited area by the White House before being taken into custody.

Then on Saturday night, another man from Roanoke was arrested after first trying to get into the White House, then saying he had a bomb in his car. On March 10th, 26 year old Jonathan Tran of California was on the White House grounds for 16 minutes before being taken into custody.

Brad Garrett, Security Analyst said, “People that are so inspired, slash troubled, to do that will go, ‘hey that guy got over. I should maybe try the same thing.'” Garrett favors the idea of raising the height of the fence, but he believes the Secret Service needs to focus on strengthening security procedures.

“That is a real big concern because they must have dead spots or they’re not watching; one of the two. And they do have to fix that.”