New Massachusetts Duck Boat safety regulations roll out

Boston Duck Boat Tours enacted the safety measures ahead of the law

BOSTON (CNN) – Boston is waving in its signature sign of spring. The Duck Boats are ready to roll. Riders stepped on board the first Duck Boats of the season.

Tourists love the iconic ride on the vehicles that roam the roads and float on the Charles. “It’s so much fun we’ve done it before when in Boston, now we’re taking out 10 year old nephew, we wanted him to experience it as well.”

However, this year, new safety regulations are going into effect in April for these amphibious tours. The measures put in place after the death of 28 year old Allison Warmuth. She was hit and killed by a Duck Boat near the Common while riding on her scooter. The new law championed by her parents.

The new regulations require some changes that you might not even notice, including devices attached to the vehicles.

Bob Schwartz, of Boston Duck Tours said, “We have sensors on the front and back, we also have cameras on the sides front and back.”

Also, the new law requires two people at the helm, one solely responsible for driving and another giving the tour.

Schwartz said, “I think our vehicles are very safe and I think any safety measures we put in place is only going to make them safer.”

Boston Duck Boat Tours already enacted the safety measures ahead of the law, with the hope to avoid another tragedy and a safe season for the city’s popular tourist attraction.