Has recent cold weather hurt local crops?

Deep freeze killed peach, blueberry, apple crops in the South

WESTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Last week’s deep freeze has wiped out some crops in the Southeast, but with the growing season yet to begin, will it have any effect here in the Northeast?

22News traveled to Outlook Farm in Westhampton, where owner Brad Morse said things are looking okay for now, but we are not in the clear yet.

Outlook Farm has 20 acres of apples, four acres of peaches, an acre of cherries, and an acre of plums. Morse said that now that we are out of the freeze season, it is the frosts we have to worry about, and those can come as late as May.

He will attempt to protect some of his fruit trees by spraying water on them, but one of his fruits may suffer the most.

“The only thing that I was really concerned about was plums. They push out the soonest, and they were a little more of a larger bud, so they might have taken some of the freeze. I think peaches, nectarines, cherries, and everything else is okay so far,” Morse said.

Last week’s winter weather nearly wiped out Georgia’s blueberries and South Carolina’s peaches. The South Carolina Department of Agriculture said that 85% of the state’s peaches were damaged, while in Georgia, 80% of the blueberry crop was destroyed. Apples were also damaged in North Carolina.