Caught on Camera: Burglars burst through wall

Several holes in the walls were found, including where a safe is located

(WXIA) – An Atlanta business operator is pleading with police to step up their patrols after he says burglars outsmarted security measures by cutting through the interior walls to his store.

Fulton County Police responded to the Western Union Saturday after the store’s manager, Sharif Mirza, called 911. According to Mirza, he came to work to open up Saturday morning and realized the alarm for the store had been disarmed. Suspecting something was wrong, Mizra said he called police immediately.

When officers showed up at the business and went inside, they found several holes in the walls, including the wall in the room where the safe is located. Police said thieves cut through the wall from the adjacent businesses and got inside the Western Union without triggering any alarms.

“They are professionals,” Mirza said Monday. “They exactly know what they are doing.”

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