Senator Warren addresses several key issues in Springfield

Democrat questions whether Neil Gorsuch has the 60 votes needed

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren fired up a crowd of supporters at City Stage in Springfield Monday.

The Democrat visited Springfield to hear from constituents, and address several key issues in Washington.

The issues ranged from President Donald Trump’s cabinet picks, to his choice for Supreme Court nominee: Neil Gorsuch. Republicans say they have the votes needed to confirm Gorsuch, but Warren disagrees. “The rules are unambiguous, it takes 60 votes to get Gorsuch through, and if the Republicans do not have a nominee who can attract those 60 votes, then that’s not a nominee who will become a Supreme Court Justice,” Warren said.

The senator also addressed the American Health Care Act, the GOP healthcare plan created to replace Obamacare that she says would be detrimental to our healthcare system. “The idea of rolling back healthcare protections for middle class families, of driving up costs, it puts me in this fight all of the way,” she said.

But a majority or Republicans disagree. Rep. Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House says not replacing Obamacare will do more harm than good. “If we don’t know what’s going on by late spring, we’re going to have massive premium increases, and pullouts, and you’ll collapse the individual market,” he said.

The House is expected to take a vote on that bill this week.