PVPC gives update on Community Development Block Grant

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (The Westfield News) – It was announced in August of 2016 that Gov. Charlie Baker awarded $28 million in community development block grants to 57 cities and towns throughout the commonwealth.

Southwick and Granville received a combined grant of $900,000 which focused on housing rehabilitation, improvements on Veteran Street in Southwick, and an upgrade to the Our Community Food Pantry in Southwick.

Just this past week, PVPC (Pioneer Valley Planning Commission) has issued in update with the housing rehabilitation portion of the project. According to PVPC project manager Erica Johnson, the housing rehab is moving along.

“It’s a givable loan for people who income-qualify,” said Johnson.

In an article by the Westfield News on August 17, 2016, the income qualifications would be that if one person who has a salary of $46,000 or less would qualify, or two people who have a combined salary of $52,000. Overall, there are nine units of housing available.

Johnson says that septic replacements, drilling wells, fixing porches, doing siding on windows, are all things that PVPC offers to the housing rehab recipients.

If anyone believes that they meet the qualifications for the housing rehab, and live in either Southwick or Granville, call PVPC at 413-781-6045 and you will be directed to the housing coordinator.

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