New permit process will be open to the public in April

Southwick Town Hall
Credit: The Westfield News

SOUTHWICK, Mass. (The Westfield News) – The Town of Southwick has signed a contract with Full Circle Technologies for an electronic program called Permit Eyes that will make their town permitting process easier.

According to the town building inspector, Art Lawler, the new permit system is a web-based product that automates the permitting and licensing process.

Lawler believes that there is a clear benefit to the upgrade for the community.

“It will allow anyone with access to the internet, to apply and pay for building Permits online,” said Lawler.

With the current system, an individual applying for a building permit would have to take the sign-off sheet and bring it to each individual department head in the town for their approvals. With the new system, it will allow review of an application by more than one department concurrently, which is expected to save time and effort.

While a “burn-in” period will be conducted before the Permit Eyes program is available to the public, Lawler says that the service should be open to the public in April.

Cities and towns throughout the area are known for having this system, as Chicopee started it about a year ago.