InFocus: Protecting yourself from cyber crime

Cyber crime is on the increase and can be much more dangerous than fraud and identity theft.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Electronics are all around us, and on us. It’s rare nowadays to not have a cellphone with Internet access.  Now, you can connect your home security systems, laptops, even children’s interactive toys, to the world-wide web.

These devices are convenient, and they’ve connected us to the world in ways we’ve never seen before, but there is also a dark side to being so “plugged in.”

As internet technology continues to expand, so do the numbers of criminals that want access to your information. This Sunday on 22News InFocus, we’ll be talking about internet technology and how to protect yourself and your family’s information and property, from cyber criminals.

Our guest is cyber security expert Dr. Larry Snyder, Director of Cyber Security Programs at Bay Path University.  He will explain how small changes to an electronic device’s security settings can make a big impact in deterring hackers.

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