State: police officer justified in killing suicidal man

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline

THOMASTON, Conn. (AP) – State investigators say a Thomaston police officer was justified in shooting and killing an emotionally disturbed man wielding a knife last summer.

Connecticut’s Division of Criminal Justice said in a report Friday that Officer Richard Galpin had “no other reasonable alternative” and that the use of deadly force on Daniel Reyes was “appropriate and justified.”

But Brian Preleski, the state’s attorney who reviewed the incident, said the division may consider ways to improve police officer training in handling encounters with emotionally disturbed individuals.

Galpin fatally shot the 27-year-old Reyes as he approached officers with a knife and ignored demands to stop on June 26, 2016. Authorities say Reyes was suicidal. He left a note for his mother, called police and then armed himself with a knife as he waited for officers to arrive.